Thursday, November 20, 2014

Most Effective Baits to Use

Your excitement to catch some fish is understandable, given that most fish species become easy to catch during this season. From your tackle to your baits, you should have the most effective tools to reel in a good catch. Here are some types of baits that may come in handy:

A spook is perhaps one of the most common kinds of baits, yet it’s still effective until now due to its ability to mimic the twitching actions of a smaller fish, thanks to its hard plastic body. Note, however, that reusing a spook to catch other fish, especially if it were used to catch a tuna or other heavy fish, because they tend to crack.

So named because of its striking similarities with a dining spoon (except for the hook, of course), this is perhaps the oldest kind of bait available. A concave-shaped lure made of a shiny, reflective material that attracts fish, it emulates the action of a moving baitfish. Aside from time-to-time replacement of hooks, a spoon is basically indestructible.

Designed to look like a minnow or a crawfish, a jig is so named because of the luring style of “jigging”, or alternately raising and dropping the bait with quick succession of jerks. The shape of the head itself is of utmost importance, wherein its football-shaped head is perfect for rocky areas, for instance.

Having top-of-the-line baits, however, is inadequate unless you also know how to work your tackle perfectly.

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