Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Home Away from Home: Choosing a Camping Tent

Camping can be rough without a proper tent. Though some people like the idea of sleeping under the stars with nothing but their sleeping bag, many would prefer sleeping inside a comfy tent. Here are a few pointers on how to choose the right tent for your camping trip:

  • How many are you? Are you leaving the kids with grandpa or are you bringing them with you? Admittedly, you can buy two tents, but if this is a family outing, a family-size tent would be better. Select a tent that provides some extra space; you may all fit in it, but if you’re packed like sardines, it won’t be a relaxing night.
  • Where and when are you going? Camping tents come in two types when dealing with the weather: three-season and four-season. Four-season tents can handle the spring rains, the summer heat, the autumn chill, and the winter winds; if you’re not camping in an area with snow, save some money and go for a three-season one. Additionally, if the area you’re camping in has rough terrain, you may want to invest in an additional ground cloth so your tent won’t get punctured.
  • How tall are you? Some people want to be able to stand up in their tents. If you’re one of those people go for a larger tent. If not, then little dome tents may be up your alley.

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