Sunday, June 14, 2015

Repel Bugs with Precautions and Great Tips

Camping is an exciting endeavour, yet it also requires a wealth of understanding and endurance. For one, you’ll have to deal with bugs, especially mosquitoes that can sense you from 100 feet away and feed on your blood. Fortunately, the right amount of camping savvy and appropriate supplies from a local Perth camping store can help you deal with the bug army waiting for you once you step out into the wilderness. Here are a few tips: Use bug repellent – Bug repellent doesn’t make you “invisible” to bugs; it works in a much different way. Insects are attracted to both visual and olfactory cues, and if you tend to be the one whom bugs prefer, blame it on the amount of ammonia in your perspiration. A typical bug repellent works by confusing insects’ sensory receptors, which they use to detect the right hosts, and thereby distracts them from the ammonia you excrete, ultimately sending them the other way.

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