Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tips from Camping Shops for the Ultimate Holiday in Western Australia

Camping is a fantastic way to spend a holiday in Western Australia. Couples, families, friends, or even individuals can escape city life at a moment’s notice to discover the idyllic countryside, quaint coastal spots, or historic locations. There’s plenty to see and do within easy reach of Perth, whether one is in search of a picturesque haven for relaxation or an activity-orientated experience. Destinations South of Perth Many national parks are within a convenient distance south of Perth. Leeuwin-Naturaliste is perfect for hikers who want to try all or part of the coastal Cape to Cape Trek. In the heart of Wellington Forest, Wellington National Park is home to a spectacular dam, trout-rich Collie River, and the serene Honeymoon Pool. Close to Preston Beach, Yalgorup boasts many lakes and is great for children.

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