Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Closer Look at Graphene Are These the Fishing Rods of the Future

Graphene is an extremely durable material and in the near future, we may witness modern fishing rods incorporating this amazing and cutting-edge substance.

Traditional fishing rods have been constructed from wood or fibreglass for decades. While there is no doubt that these materials have proven useful, many Australian fishing enthusiasts are constantly looking to employ the latest technologies to enhance their experiences. This dream may soon become a reality thanks to an incredible substance known as graphene. But what is it and how may it benefit the fishing community as a whole?

Graphene Defined

In the simplest of terms, graphene is constructed from a very thin layer of carbon atoms. These atoms are constructed in a honeycomb-like configuration; allowing for incredible tensile strength and durability. Interestingly enough, graphene has already been used extensively on the Space Shuttle.

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