Friday, March 17, 2017

Find 'Glamping' Essentials Galore in Camping Stores Around Perth

If experiencing unnecessary difficulties were to be given a name it would be, without question, no other moniker than "camping." So, it’s no surprise that even just mere mention of going camping might send some who are not fond of the outdoors running.

Now, imagine camping without having to turn into Bear Grylls–jumping off helicopters and eating anything that moves–while leisurely enjoying the great outdoors in the comforts of an air-conditioned tent.

Now hold that thought.

What Is Glamping?

First appearing in the United Kingdom in 2005, glamping is a clever combination of two words that shouldn’t even be in the same sentence–glamorous and camping. Having its roots in royalties such as King James V and Henry VIII, glamping uses upscale, freestanding accommodations fit for a king. Among the current iterations of these structures are Airstream campers, geodesic pods and domes, luxury teepees, and yurts. Read more on this article:

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