Sunday, December 4, 2016

What is the Best Gift to Buy a Fisherman?

Do you have a fisherman on your holiday gift list, or maybe you want to buy him a present for a special occasion? There may be some who might appreciate a humorous gift such as a mermaid fishing license, a sardine puzzle or a fortune teller miracle fish, but all anglers will most certainly love receiving something that's actually useful. Let's see what would be a good idea to buy as a present for a fisherman.

Fishing Rods

This one can be tricky, but if you get it right, it will surely make the recipient sparkle with joy. The problem is that are no "perfect", "one-size-fits-all" fishing rods fishermen will all automatically love. You can't just look for a renowned brand and get a model that seems nice, as there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Read more on this article:

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Which Are the Best Camping Spots Near Perth?

If you're longing for some quality time out in nature, you don't need to drive too far to find a beautiful place to explore and set up camp. There are plenty of excellent sites and campgrounds near Perth, regardless of what you'd like to do on your outdoor getaway.

Pick one of the spots presented below and start looking for good camping tents for sale, as you'll find yourself wanting to go back there every weekend!

Lane Poole Reserve

A lovely forest camping area, Lane Pool Reserve is located 100km from Perth and is a great destination for kayaking enthusiasts with the Murray River running right through it. The Baden Powell campground within the reserve has 42 individual sites, out of which 36 are meant only for tents and 6 can accommodate trailers, caravans or even large campervans. Nearby trails you absolutely have to check out include Munda Biddi and Bibbulmun Track. Read more on this article:

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Search For High-Quality Trout Flies and Lures

With the trout and salmon fishing season having started in most areas of Australia during September, it’s time to replace some of those chewed lures and flies. If you intend to fish the rivers or dams around Western Australia, buy your replacement fishing tackle. Staff in the long established fishing shops in Perth will be able to advise on the most popular lures for different rivers, and the most popular flies to use during different times of the year.

What to Know About Trout

If you’re new to the hobby of angling, and have decided trout are the species for you, a visit to one of the experienced fishing shops in Perth is a must. Buying purpose-designed fishing tackle from the outset, will make your first trout fishing trip more enjoyable, and improve the chances of landing your first fish. Read more on this article:

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Picking Out Your Top Holiday Essentials from Camping Shops in Perth

Western Australia has some of the world's most beautiful camping spots, from the beaches of Cape Le Grand, famous for sunbathing kangaroos, to the spectacular rock formations of the Bungle Bungle Range.

To have an enjoyable trip, make sure your tent and equipment are up to the task, and that you have everything you need. Pick up your camping gear in Perth from a reputable store like Getaway Outdoors, before you leave, and hit the road knowing everything's sorted.

The equipment you take depends on the kind of trip. You'll be packing more for a fortnight away than for a weekend, so you'll need to think more carefully about how to organise your gear so you can carry it easily and find what you need. Read more on this article: