Saturday, July 11, 2015

Find a Tent that’s Cosy for Two

"Gone are the days when camping was only for kids, adventurous groups of friends, or true-blue outdoor enthusiasts. These days, many couples are getting into camping as a dreamy kind of outing, or simply as a way to spice up their relationship. If you find it difficult to see the romance in camping, you ought to know that there are plenty of ways it can become one of the most intimate and enjoyable dates you’ll ever have. Camp beside a lake or a beach, and have fun swimming, boating, or fishing together all day. Go hiking around your campsite in an idyllic forest or mountain, or feast on delectable roasted treats and get to know each other better. Trade stories over a campfire with the starry night as your backdrop, and relax in your small, private nature paradise—a lovely memory you’re bound to remember always."

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