Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bait and Tackle Tips How to Choose the Best Lures Based on Colour

Many anglers consider artificial baits (lures) more effective than live bait. Lures, after all, create more noise and vibration that attract fish more easily. Their main advantage, though, has to do with colour. Sound and smell alone are not sufficiently enticing; fish need to train their eye on the lure before they strike at it. Picking the best lure colour, in other words, can help you catch more and catch big! The rule of thumb for many anglers is to use bright lures on bright days and dark ones on dark days. However, there are times when dark coloured lures can hook you a large bass in clear water on a bright day. At any rate, here are some tips to guide you the next time you shop for lures at bait and tackle stores like Getaway Outdoors in time for your next fishing escapade.

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