Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stock Up On Essential Gear Before Your Next Fishing Trip

Like many people, you may have a huge passion for fishing, but never ventured off of banks and jetties in your life. If you want a breath of fresh air or are just looking for more challenges in the water, there are various essential bits of kit and tackle you should bring with you. If you've been wandering around your local camping store in Perth with no clue as to what you're looking for, here's a little guide to get you on the water sooner rather than later. Unless you're going for a specific, specialist catch, you'll most likely want to keep your fishing rod as light as possible. If you don’t have any particular needs to meet, your best bet is to use a 4-10oz uptider or 12-20lb class boat rod coupled with a 7000 size multiplier loaded with a 20lb mono or braid.

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