Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Four Tent Types to Get Familiar With

If you are preparing for a camping trip, either by yourself or with family and friends, buying the right type of camping tent for your needs is going to be your first order of business. You have a few important considerations to think about when choosing a tent, so to make the selection process easier for you we identify the different styles so you can make the best purchase decision.

A-frame tents A-frame tents are arguably what people picture in their minds when they hear the word ‘tent.’ This type of tent takes the form of a triangular prism that sits flat on one side. Though you may envision A-frame tents to be pretty basic, there have actually been a lot of improvements to the design over the years. A-frame tents tend to be small, they work well in many environments, especially if you’re a lone camper.

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