Thursday, February 2, 2017

4 Tips to Keep Cool When Summer Camping

Summer offers plenty of reasons to go outdoors—and plenty of reasons not to. The sun may be up and the weather may be warm, but you can easily get sunburned or suffer from heat exhaustion if you're not careful. Summers in Western Australia can get unbearably hot, so if you plan to go camping this summer, you need to learn how to keep cool. Getaway Outdoors, your friendly Perth camping stores would like to share with you the following tips to help you do so.

Camp near water

Staying in a tent when the weather is hot can be extremely unbearable for anyone. Camping by the water gives you an immediate place to wash off the dirt, sweat, and unpleasantness of the day. For added comfort, position your tent in a way that it receives the breeze coming off the water.
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